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How To Prepare For Your Hair Appointment

Have you ever heard that it is best if you show up to your hair appointment with dirty hair?

Who the heck started that rumor? The funny thing is that there are so many people that believe it! And, I admit, I was also a believer but now I know better.

Here are some real tips that you can actually trust:

  1. Do not show up with dirty hair. Freshly washed, dry and straight hair (unless you wear it with natural curl) is best for your hair appointment. I recommend washing 24 hours before the appointment. Hairstylists like to see how you style your hair, how it grows out, what kind of shape it takes; it helps us see where your cowlicks and other hair patterns are. If you wear your hair curly, the best way to come is with your hair styled so we can assess your curl pattern, shape and style that you like. If you are coming in for a color appointment, clean hair is the best hair. If it is too greasy or has too much product buildup, you will likely need your hair washed before color can be applied. If you can, a packet of "Color Prepare" by Malibu C can be picked up from your hairstylist and used the night before your appointment. This product primes the hair for optimal color results.

2. Do not scrub your head too much prior to a color appointment. The day before your appointment is not the time to get a scalp treatment or do some excessive scrubbing in the shower. I know it is tempting because you might feel embarrassed about a dry scalp, but the color will cause major irritation if applied to a freshly scrubbed scalp.

3. Please schedule a consultation, strand test, and patch test at least two days before your color appointment. For a haircut, a consultation done on the same day is definitely okay! A strand test helps us to know the layers of color in your hair. Hair grows 1/2 inch per month so if your hair is past your shoulders, it may not feel long but there are years of hair color history on your hair. A strand test helps us know what we will be working with and what direction is best for your hair and desired results. A patch test is done with color so that we can make sure that you are not allergic to the colors that we use. Legally, we are supposed to give your body 48 hours in case there is any kind of allergic reaction.

4. Bring pictures! Most hairstylists are very visual people. We love seeing the inspiration photo and we can make additional recommendations or give you some other ideas if we feel like the color or cut won't work for you. Keep in mind that a lot of photos on the internet are photoshopped and not every color is possible. However, we will help you understand what is possible. This is where a strand test comes in really handy, too. If you have brown hair and you want to be a silvery blonde (lots of time, product and upkeep by the way) then the strand test lets us know if this is even possible for your hair without making all your hair break and/or melt.

5. Wear a black shirt. In our current times, all of us have to keep up with a lot of social media. A plain, black shirt shows off a color and cut better for videos and pictures. Even if you don't want your results shared on social media, the stylist can take photos for you to show off to those you know, love, and trust.

6. If you feel more confident with makeup, put on some makeup before your appointment. New hair is so much more fun when you can dress yourself up a little for it. If you are not a makeup wearer, no problem! I have many clients that don't come with makeup and they still look gorgeous in their photos.

7. Expect to invest in product. Have you ever wondered why your hair looks and feels so great after an appointment? Well, it's not just the magic of our talents, it's also the magic of our products. This stuff works (some better than others) and we won't make recommendations for you that won't be good for your hair. Part of your service is hair product and you will be so thankful that we sent you home with the best stuff for your hair.

8. If you are coming for a color appointment, bring a snack. Color is not a quick service and you should expect to be there anywhere from 3-8 hours. Your stylist will be able to better communicate with you how long the appointment will take, especially if they have performed a strand test.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your upcoming appointment! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with us and enjoy your time. If you love your hairstylist, show them and tell all of your friends!

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